Energy Storage

The energy density of even today’s most extreme batteries is less than that of our  technology. In other words: there is no other battery solution on the market today that can beat the patented system energy density capability and features. Our systems can deploy end-to-end, zero-GHG, clean, SAFE, energy paths without the use of “dirty power” sources. Our automotive technology eliminates the need to get stuck sitting around in “out-in-the-sticks” towns, staring at the ground, waiting for your car to charge.


Our patented technology scales to any size to provide the best power solutions for: – Portable Power– Electronics, Emergency, Mobile – Vehicle Power– EV, CNG, Hybrid, RV, Tactical – Stationary Power– Community, Field Unit, Back-up, Remote Housing
Why Is This Better?: – Longer Vehicle Range Than Any Other Solution. – Longer Electronic Device Operation Than Any Other Solution. – Less Carcinogenic Than Any Other Solution. – Faster Recharge Than Any Other Solution. – Provides Greater National Security Than Any Other Solution. – Easier To Produce And Manufacture Domestically Than Any Other Solution. – Reduces The Weight, Decreases The Cost And Increases The Range Of EV’s Better Than Any Other Solution. – More Worldwide Recharge/Refuel Locations Than Any Other Solution. – Eliminates The Need For Extension Cords More Than Any Other Solution. – Able To Produce More Power From A Clean Grid Than Any Other Solution. – Easier To Glass-Encapsulate, To Avoid Accidents, Than Any Other Solution. – Better Able To Load-Balance Energy Demands Than Any Other Solution. – Least Toxic Fuel Than Any Other Solution. – Better Able To Provide Power From Within National Borders Than Any Other Solution. – Exceeds The Metrics Of All Competing Energy Solutions. – Our Patents Cover Over 3000 Energy Storage Chemistries.Tested globally in thousands of test deployments, millions of miles of auto use and in space.We license and design portable power, electric vehicle power and range extenders. We are a developer of clean, green, safe, recyclable energy solutions. We hold one of the premiere patent portfolios for in-house engineered energy storage. We are an expert in time-shifted energy deployment.Who else thinks this is a great solution? These folks, from both parties, for a start:



Clean, mobile, long-lasting, local power.

 The US Department of Energy has released its final report that collected data from more than 180 fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV) over a six year period from 2005–2011. Within this period the vehicles made more than 500,000 trips and travelled more than 3.6 million miles, impleting more than 33,000 fill-ups at refuelling stations across the USA. The project found that these vehicles achieved more than twice the efficiency of today’s gasoline vehicles with refuelling times of five minutes average. The report comes as the world’s major automakers prepare to commercially deploy FCEV from as early as next year and is a positive reminder of the benefits the technology can offer.Our technology includes patent-protected glass-encapsulation technology which prevents solvents and moisture from degrading the energy storage materials.A leader in innovation and the delivering of the key solution for reducing dependence on foreign oil; Our engineers are the inventors of patented hot-swap transportable energy storage, the Fuel Cassettes®; Endless-EV™ range-extenders, electric vehicle power plants, and gas station-pumpable encapsulation bead storage compounds.We deploy proprietary solar, inductive, wind, fuel cell and battery hybridization which are technologies that have been proven for decades by NASA, the Department of Defense, the aerospace industry, Federal energy agencies and in universities around the world.The Energy Station™ and the Fuel Dock+ provide a single, highly scalable architecture, that can deliver power resources for: homes, offices, special events, hosting centers, portable soldier power, rack-mount markets, cell tower back-up, home power, forklift power, portable generators, boating power, camping power, portable electronics, aircraft power, neighborhood power, co-generation power, solar panel intermittency elimination, wind intermittency elimination, and back-up power.Winner: Congressional commendation & federal grant award. Awardee: Multiple issued U.S. patents. We hold patents on all core technology disclosed on this website.Be prepared for any disaster with our power technology.

Hyundai’ says: “…simply more efficient than batteries”
“Those looking to spice up a dinner party should seat John Krafcik and Carlos Ghosn next to each other should they get the opportunity. Krafcik, who runs North American operations for Hyundai, recently appeared to take a poker to the concept of battery-electric vehicles, which have long been espoused by Nissan-Renault chief Ghosn, and pushed his weight behind hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles. Krafcik, in an interview with Plug In Cars, noted that most EVs have to carry around about a half-ton of batteries, whether fully charged or tapped out. Additionally, batteries lose about one percent of their capacity each day they’re not used, while recharging them from anything other than a quick charger takes far longer than refilling a fuel-cell vehicle with hydrogen. Krafcik said this all points to what he called “so much inherent waste and inefficiency” in battery electric vehicles.
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, the UCAR/NOAA Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and the National Center for Atmospheric Research say:
“We engaged in a comprehensive analysis using global modeling methods that looks at relationships between deaths and exposure to particulate matter and ozone: air pollutants indirectly influenced by climate change. They found that 500,000 premature deaths could be avoided by the year 2030, of which two-thirds would be in China. By 2050, 800,000 to 1.8 million premature deaths could be avoided. Reductions in premature deaths from particulate air pollution (CPD plus lung cancer) and ozone (respiratory) in 2030 and 2050 (deaths per year per 1,000 km). Petrochemicals cause cancer. Actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contact with petroleum reduce air pollutants, bringing co-benefits for air quality and human health and overall reduction in Cancer. Previous studies of this sort of thing typically looked at near-term and local benefits, neglecting the long-range transport of air pollutants, long-term changes in populations and the effects of climate change on air quality”  So the next time someone tells you fossil fuels are cheaper, remind them that there’s a lot more to it than the price at the pump.”

Proof of Technology
Here are many examples of the technology in use commercially:
Where can you see our technology at work?:Clean, green, bountiful, non-carcinogenic, efficient, long-range energy is something the “other guys” can’t compete with. History and scientific fact has now proven that our solid-state chemical energy systems were (as predicted), and are, the best bet for national energy independence for each country, dependable long range vehicle systems, aerospace technologies, retail long-duration power and many other needs. You can find third parties selling our technology in major retail stores, government supply shops and OEM builds around the world.NASA, global drone programs, major electronics groups, boating companies, tactical teams, aerospace leaders, national governments and hundreds of companies around the world demand the technology for their energy solution. Millions of miles without incident on land, sea, air and in space. Here is a very small sample of the technology, fully functional, shipping globally by partners, clients and duplicators:
An extensive set of hundreds of additional in-use referrals is now available…
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